Made By Hand Show – Mississauga Ontario 2013

Well Good Morning, Afternoon and Evening! (In my best Jim Carey impersonation)

It is a HUGE undertaking organizing this event.

Today was a packed day of fun and excitement! I had an awesome opportunity to do a Review for the MADE BY HAND show, in Mississauga. We were contacted through our Fan page on Facebook to do this Review! And I was thrilled to be able to do it! I just started as a Reviewer for WAHM two days before. Mind you the event was not going to take place until Oct 19th, 2013. (I still had a few months to wait for the event).

I was invited to join in on the Facebook group of the all of the vendors. Hearing their excitement as the days approached got me more excited than I already was. It is a HUGE undertaking organizing this event. From Start to Finish, to getting goody bags ready for the first 250 families walking through the door.

Goody bags ready for the first 250 families walking through the door.

Having volunteers to help with set up, take down to helping throughout the day. It’s a HUGE job to run and event as BIG as this one.

Having volunteers to help with set up, take down and helping throughout the day.

With my adrenaline pumping, we set off on our way. I set out for the hour drive from Brantford to Mississauga at the International Center. Made by Hand was very generous to let my 2 girls, my better half, and I had free tickets, to attend the event and write a review for Jacqueline Hunter.

I had a difficult time selecting pictures to add. They were all so good! (Trust me there was a lot over 500+). Remember as well for the business that were there, make sure to get into contact with me or another one of our reviewers so we can help you with a review as well on your own business.

I found this online, it is from Roger’s TV. It is a TV clip with Made by Hand show in it! Go check it out!

I found this online, it is from Roger’s TV. It is a TV clip with Made by Hand show in it! Go check it out! and





For everyone interested in the names of the businesses that took place here is an online catalog.


My children were very amazed at all of the different tables, and craft items. WE were even able to see a table with “MUTANT STUFFIES”. From a Three headed Cerebra’s, to a Kitty Caterpillar with 6 legs. , Three headed Dalmatians to boot too!

Three headed Cerebra’s, to a Kitty Caterpillar with 6 legs. , Three headed Dalmatians


I had a very kind person mention to me that I should head on over to the Rocks Afire booth. It sure did peek my curiosity to say the least. It was amazing! Natural stones from around Ontario made into candles, just add a bit of fragrant oils and your set! Now that is something I must have.


It was amazing! Natural stones from around Ontario made into candles

In terms of selection it was great. There was of course handmade baby items, soap and jewellery makers each had their own flair and style to them. Each vendor I found was unique and creatively set up and very shoppable.  I found some vendors with interesting items and grabbed some cards to research them further at home. I made some personal purchases, too! Everyone was friendly and very eager to talk about their products and their love for their businesses and for the Made by Hand show. They also mentioned they would love to come back anytime.

I had a great talk with Jack, from Scroll Art by Jack. Jack has been a vendor ever since the Made by Hand show had its amazing beginning. Jack Morrell took about 30 minutes to chat with me about his business and why he loved this event. He started his business just after his wife passed away and it was only him and his dog. “I needed to find something to keep myself busy” Jack mentions. “I had all the tools, and time.” When the show began 5 years ago he knew he had something, something that meant a lot for him and his clients. You will see some of his works of art in part 2 on YouTube. He has amazing talent. A lot of his items  grabbed my attention that is forsure. I loved the Stompin Tom picture (if you are not sure who I am talking about make sure to Google him)  I am also a huge Betty Boop fan, loved the Faith woodcarving as well. He will also be at the Hamilton Made by Hand show, Make sure to stop by and say HI.

I have also uploaded onto YouTube, please come check it out – Part #1 -


and part #2





With over 1,000 different gift ideas, you would not be able to go wrong at this place! Made by Hand events are an awesome way to get your handmade business out there for customers and other vendors. I do suggest arriving early so you are able to set up and mingle/network with other businesses around you.

Their next event will be on November 30th 2013 in Hamilton.


- Shop with over 150 exhibitors

- thousands of one-of-a-kind gift ideas

- Free Swag bags to the 1st 100 families

- Free Face painting

- Crafts

- Door Prizes & Raffles

- Free Parking


Make sure to check out all the information on their

Website- http/


Twitter- @MadebyHandShow

Questions and comments are always welcome below!

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